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We wish good luck to all our friends seeking democracy in Egypt & elsewhere.

Exhibition in Germany - Holiday Inn Hamburg - 5 & 6 February, 2011. See you there.

Review of S9 published by Stereo magazin (DE) November 2010 – – in German.

New stand designed. See “recordplayers” page for details.

We have re-designed our RCA phono connector box. This revised design is more aesthetically pleasing and can be firmly clamped to a plinth, ensuring heavy phono cables do not dislodge it.

Review of S10 with Aeroarm published by LP magazin (DE) August 2010 – – in German.

Review of S10 with S7.1 tonearm published by Hi-Fi World (UK) March 2010 – – in English.

Review of S10 with Aeroarm published by hifi-tunes (DE) November 2009 – – in German.

Reviews submitted to us by owners of SYD machines are now displayed in the ‘words’ section of our web pages.

We have recently supplied a Compact Archive Turntable (CAT) to a major US university for archiving their substantial collection of discs. Expertly installed by Eric Jacobs of The Audio Archive in California, the university report themselves 100% happy with the results and surprised by the sheer quality of the S10’s reproduction: “78rpm discs sounding as good as lp’s”.

We happily launched the aeroarm at the Hi-Fi Deluxe Audio Show in Munich, Germany (May 2009) to much critical acclaim. The show was a great success and we would like to thank both the organisers for all their hard work and our fellow exhibitors for their friendship and honest-to-goodness humanity.

The S10 support stand is now available. Photographs and specifications are given in the ‘recordplayers’ section of the website.

Simon Yorke Designs celebrated 25 years of designing and building record players in September, 2009.

Some S10’s and their new homes …_

A CAT with dual 12" S7 tonearms is now in use at the National Library of Canada, sound archive facility.

The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, is apparently very happy with his special S10. We wish him well.

The S10 made its professional debut at the recent ARSC conference in San Francisco – coupled with Millennia’s LOC archival phono preamplifier – making live transfers of 78rpm shellac discs from Neil Young’s private collection.

The S10 made its public debut at the Hi-Fi Deluxe show in Munich, Germany last April (not at the commercial cattlemarket which has become the main exhibition at MOC) alongside other specialist manufacturers seeking a return to the art of listening to music, not just ‘doing business’.

A warning about fraud:

Simon Yorke turntables are being offered via the Internet by bogus vendors – these appear to be nothing more than crude scams – using our good name to commit petty fraud. So, please, if you are considering buying a Simon Yorke turntable, whether offered as new or second hand, check beforehand with ourselves whether the unit in question is an authentic Simon Yorke, a useless fake, or a nonexistent unit (just an amateur scam to get you to part with your money). Be especially wary of turntables offered for sale in Indonesia (a country we do not supply).

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